Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the Belles Group?

The Belles Group is a North American based corporate development company dedicated to client revenue enhancement and the creation of operational excellence.

What are your brands?


Where are your offices and what markets do you serve?

We currently have offices in Chandler Arizona USA serving the Metro Phoenix area and in Calgary Alberta Canada serving the Western Canadian market.

We are working on our national launch across the Americas – stay tuned!

What do you actually do?

The Belles Group services include; comprehensive management consulting, business development strategies, marketing and sales program development, event production and promotion.

What types of customers do you service?

Our customers have ranged from local start up companies all the way to International Fortune 50 corporations.

What business areas do you focus on?

Our activity is primarily focused on solution development in corporate marketing, sporting events and charity activities.

Who are the Belles?

The Belles are team members of the Belles Group and our subsidiaries. The Belles are Attractive and Educated Event Planners ~ Ambassadors ~ Designers.

What is the Barbeque (BBQ) Belles?

Barbeque Belles is an Event Production, Event Promotion, Event Marketing, and Event Management company. BBQ Belles is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Belles Group.

What events can the BBQ Belles help us with?

Contact us for solutions with corporate events, charity events, sporting events, school events or just a plain old tailgate party needing the sizzle of the Belles and the 16 foot, dual axel, 360,000 BTU Grill with all the trimmings!

What makes the BBQ Belles different from other event companies?

Three things differentiate us from the rest of the market.

1.    First being part of the Belles Group we are a comprehensive business solutions company. We work with our clients to assess their business development strategies, and identifying both short term and strategic marketing & sales objectives. Then the team works with the client to build a plan which leverages their marketing dollars.

2.    Secondly, we are the only event, promotion and marketing company in North America that has an exclusive partnership with Davidson Elliott, the manufacturer of the finest grills in the world. The BBQ Belles grill is a 16 foot, dual axel, 360,000 BTU Grill with all the trimmings including sinks, coolers and an integrated sound system!  It can accommodate 8 chefs grilling at the same time for 5 to 1000+ people.

This alone will create a buzz and have people talking about the next event you hold.

3.    Finally and most importantly are the Belles. The Belles are attractive and educated team members that work with our clients as event planners, designers, and ambassadors. The Belles bring sophistication and business acumen to every client engagement and event we participate in. We consultatively work with our clients to deliver the highest level of value to their marketing initiatives while focused on delivering strategic business solutions.

The BBQ Belles – Bring Your Events To Life with Sophisticated Sizzle!

Give me a summary of what I can engage the BBQ Belles for?

Focused Activities
•    Event Planning, Design and Development services
•    Event Ambassadors
•    BBQ & Grill Sales
•    BBQ Sponsorship

Providing all of your Valley of the Sun promotions and Dedicated to the Art of Grilling Excellence!

With the economy in a downturn, why spend money on marketing or events and why will these activities help my business?

Marketing is essential in today’s challenging economic market. There are fewer disposable dollars to go around and thus the competitive environment is squeezing company’s bottom line. For businesses to prosper in our current economic reality they have to lead their industry and not follow, thus marketing and specifically strategic marketing that leverages existing budgets and specifically focuses on key target markets is essential to business success. This business success is defined by increased revenue, increased market share, and increased profitability.

Research shows that recessions rarely have an adverse impact on spending overall. In fact, studies in every recession since 1940 show that income – and possibly expenditures – rarely declined more than 2 percent. People are still spending money and event marketing can get your company in front of clients so they remember you, connect with you, and most importantly, turn to you first with their dollars.

If your marketing budget is still fairly small, a strategy that typically generates a high return on investment is planning an event. There are plenty of ways to work around even the tightest marketing budget, and creating meaningful events is essential to your success. Whether you’re sponsoring an event or hosting your own, a special event generates immediate interest from potential clients and positions you as a leader in your industry. The result? Brand awareness and maintaining a ‘top of mind’ status.

Staging an event also offers networking benefits; your company can work with local vendors and develop some co-marketing or co-branding initiatives in the future. One of the biggest benefits of event marketing is the word-of-mouth effect that ensues; when clients are excited about a sensational event or interesting activity, they are more than likely tell friends, family members and business associates about it – and are promoting your business as a result. Simply put, hosting an event can be a powerful marketing strategy.

For further information on the Belles Group or our services please contact us at belles@bbqbelles.com

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