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August 9, 2010

Angela Parra

Welcome Angela

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July 24, 2010

Kaitlin Leigh

Welcome Kaitlin

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April 15, 2010

Investing in Quality ~ Craftsmanship & Profile

A lot can be said for being frugal, conservative and buying on the cheap but whenever did you see Fortune 500 executives, the top 1000 wealthiest people, music stars, pro athletes or heads of state drive around in a Chev Aveo or Hyundai Accent?

Even with the current challenges in the global economy, companies are still spending vast amounts of money on advertising; just look at the numbers from the previous Super Bowl, 30 seconds of advertising time during the 2010 telecast is expected to cost US $2.6 Million dollars.

Why do leading companies and ultra narcissistic individuals pay for the best money can buy?  To stand apart in the ultra competitive market for consumer dollars and profile, and to show the world they are not only surviving in today’s marketplace but thriving!

For that reason our partner Davidson Elliott offers the ultimate marketing machine, the BBQ Grill of choice for the best and brightest companies that understand quality, craftsmanship and profile.

For those of you taking a more pragmatic approach to where to spend marketing budgets we did a quick overview on the current costs of media advertising and the investment in the profile of the Ultimate Grill…

Billboards – Phoenix*
Up to $10,000 per month for a single high profile location or
$700 to $2500 per month for a random billboard and dependent on the total $ commitment over the year or
$10,000 per month for a 25% market reach using a mix of billboards in a top 50 US market with Phoenix being a larger and more expensive market than the above quoted #’s

Plus design, artwork and set up fees $5000+

Mobile Billboard – Phoenix
$5250 per week
$1250 per day
$1650 per day on holidays

Plus design, artwork $3,000+
Plus set up fee $2000
Plus other fees….

$30,000 will buy you a couple of low priority locations, two premium location for one month of Billboard Advertising

Clear Channel advertising rate card
Billboard Market Prices Overview –
Billboards come in various shapes and sizes. Traditional sizes are the 8-sheet (5’x11′), 30-sheet (12’x 24′), and Bulletin (14′ x 48′). However, city zoning ordinances and space limitations allow for a wide variety of sizes. Also, traditional and non-traditional sized structures can be fitted with extensions that allow the message to stretch beyond the fixed size of the structure.
Most billboards are located along major highways, arteries, and city streets. However, it is not uncommon to find outdoor signs attached to the walls of buildings that offer high visibility, like those in New York’s Times Square.
The cost for billboard advertising varies wildly. Factors that affect cost include the size of the structure, the market where the advertising is displayed and the length of the advertising contract. In the top 50 US Markets, for instance, a single bulletin can be as high as $10,000 or more per month, while a niche location in the rural southwest, a sign planted in a farmer’s field just off a moderately traveled highway for instance, may cost $75 per month.

Most billboard campaigns are done in showings, that is, the effective number of billboards needed to reach an audience in any given market. Billboard companies list showings as #25, #50, #75 and #100 with a corresponding number of billboard locations needed to reach 25, 50, 75 or 100% of the market audience. Each showing package then has a corresponding monthly price. Some companies mix their inventory of 8-sheets,
30-sheets and bulletins to create a showing, while others have separate showings for each poster size.
The cost of a typical #25 showing using a mix of billboard structures in a top 50 US market will average around $10,000 per month.

Newspaper – Phoenix*

Arizona Republic
One time 4 x 4 color ad – $325 x 16 inches = $5,200 + $2000 for color
One time half page color ad = $25,000
Design, artwork and setup fees $5,000 – $15,000

Click to access Retail_Rates_2008_Bound.pdf

$30,000 will buy you one time half page ad OR a 4 inch by 4 inch ad once a week for a month
*The prices were compiled by a independent study in 2009

Davidson Elliott Grills – The Ultimate Corporate Marketing Platform

16 foot, dual axle, 360,000 BTU Grill with all the trimmings

Design Fee – Free

Painted with your key corporate color – Included. Plus it’s easy to add logos, pin-stripes, and signage.

Upgraded, two-tone or metallic paint available too.

20+ years of high profile market visibility – show your brand.

Corporately branded at every local and regional event

Profiled charity and community leader

Be the highest profile company at the next tailgate party!

$250 per month based on a $30,000 investment spread over 10 years of high value return

10 years of head turning, excitement generating, profile building marketing versus one month of traditional marketing that no ones looks at anymore….. It is an easy decision where you will invest those precious marketing dollars!

The choice is easy, $30,000 for something that is hot, sexy, the life of the party and functional or spend the money on one month of traditional advertising no one will see, Your call……

Call us for more details or a quote on your Customized Grill ~ The Ultimate Marketing Machine!

March 19, 2009

Our Corporate Pimped Out Grill is For Sale

We now have our pimped out grill for sale.

The Grill is SOLD but we would be happy to custom build your next Ultimate Marketing Platform for you and your company !

This is a custom made grill manufactured by our partner Davidson Elliott.

This is our former corporate grill and is approximately 2 years old, the replacement cost is $35,000+ and is for sale AS IS for only $25,500.

When you are pulling the grill around town heads do turn.

On that note let me introduce the grill!

The Ultimate Corporate Marketing Platform

10+ years of high profile visibility for less that the cost of a single print campaign.

Be branded at every local and regional event.

Be a charity and community leader.

Be the highest profile company at the next tailgate party!




* 2000 lb tandem axle

* 16 feet in length

* 12 – 30,000 BTU “H” burners equaling 360,000 BTU of grilling power

* 4 temperature gauges

* Burner box 84″ x 44″ for 25 square feet of grilling space

* 60 lb propane tank

* Front and rear insulated stainless coolers

* Rear sink

* Custom aluminum wheels

* Heavy duty travel cover

* Quick set up awning

* Stereo system with speakers forward and aft

* Griddles and cutting boards

* Custom made utensil cabinet

* Upgraded metallic pearl paint

Asking Price $25,500 AS IS

We are also designing a new Grill and BBQ/Smoker model which should be in production by late spring and we hope to have one of these new combo models down here by late summer.

For anyone that is interested in purchasing the grill or ordering a custom made grill and/or smoker BBQ please

Email us for more information.

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January 22, 2009

Barrett Jackson Wrap Up

On behalf of the Belles Group and our client, Davidson Elliott, the Barbeque Belles would like to thank everyone that stopped by our area at the midway to visit with us and the Davidson Elliott grill.

The Belles enjoyed meeting everyone and handing out kisses (the chocolate ones).

For anyone that is interested in purchasing the grill (as seen below) or ordering a custom made grill and/or smoker BBQ from our client Davidson Elliott please contact us at 602.904.5028 or email us at

The Ultimate Corporate Marketing Platform

10+ years of high profile visibility for less that the cost of a single print campaign.

Be branded at every local and regional event.

Be a charity and community leader

Be the highest profile company at the next tailgate party!


What color can we build yours in today?????


Contact the Barbeque Belles

Contact us for solutions with corporate events, charity events, sporting events, school events or just a plain old tailgate party needing the sizzle of the Belles and the 16 foot, dual axle, 360,000 BTU Grill with all the trimmings!

What makes the BBQ Belles different from other event companies?

Three things differentiate us from the rest of the market.

1.    First being part of the Belles Group we are a comprehensive business solutions company. We work with our clients to assess their business development strategies, and identifying both short term and strategic marketing & sales objectives. Then the team works with the client to build a plan which leverages their marketing dollars.

2.    Secondly, we are the only event, promotion and marketing company in North America that has an exclusive partnership with Davidson Elliott, the manufacturer of the finest grills in the world. The BBQ Belles grill is a 16 foot, dual axle, 360,000 BTU Grill with all the trimmings including sinks, coolers and an integrated sound system!  It can accommodate 8 chefs grilling at the same time for 5 to 1000+ people.

This alone will create a buzz and have people talking about the next event you hold.

3.    Finally and most importantly are the Belles. The Belles are attractive and educated team members that work with our clients as event planners, designers, and ambassadors. The Belles bring sophistication and business acumen to every client engagement and event we participate in. We consultatively work with our clients to deliver the highest level of value to their marketing initiatives while focused on delivering strategic business solutions.

The BBQ Belles – Bring Your Events To Life with Sophisticated Sizzle!


December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!


The Belles Group would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and much joy, success and happiness in 2009.

We look forward to seeing you at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event – Scottsdale, Arizona – January 11 – 18, 2009.

The Barbeque Belles and The Belles Group will be marketing, managing and acting as the on site event ambassadors for our client Davidson Elliott and their magnificent Grill as seen below at the Barrett Jackson event.

Make sure you stop by to visit the Belles and the Grill!


December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays

The Belles would like to wish all of you Happy Holidays and all the best to you and your family in 2009!!


We would like to thank Richard and Christal Creel of Arizona Shelby Cobras for inviting the Belles to participate in their Cruise-In event and their introduction to the Adopt-a-Platoon Support Effort.

We are lucky enough to be able to make a small donation to Adopt-a-Platoon through Arizona Shelby Cobras.

adopt-a-platoon1 az-shelby-cobra2

October 27, 2008

Final Day at the Men’s Luxury Toy Expo

Well it is finally over and the Belles rocked the house! In a few short hours over 3 days the team solidified, became great friends and wowed everyone and anyone that met them.

Many thanks for all the hard work and effort at the expo to Michelle, Kylie, Rebekah, Jonnika, Marissa, Karla, Tamika.

We expanded our brand and now have the Marine Belles and Yachting Belles. Many thanks to Frank and his team at Wasatch Marine and Yacht Sales, I see lots of aquatic Belle activity in the near future.

Kissing the kisses

Kissing the kisses

working the show

working the show

You can't get any better than a room full of Belles and a big ass BBQ!

You cant beat a room full of Belles and a big ass BBQ!!!

October 26, 2008

Day 2 at the Men’s Luxury Toy Expo

All was great at the Expo on Saturday, everyone wanted to meet the Belles or be a Belle.

Even celebrities wanted to be Bellefied! Grant Hill was on scene.

The Belles were vogueing….


Every now and again there were less formal times and the girls let loose…

Event Belle or Sporty Belle, all had a time that was swell!!!!

September 4, 2008

Job Opportunities – Be a Belle!

Sophisticated Sizzle – Bring Events To Life!

Join our fun, exciting and dynamic team! Barbeque Belles is a vibrant event, promotion and marketing company based in Metro Phoenix and we are looking for enthusiastic, charismatic, vogue and social oriented women to work as event ambassadors and hostesses.


Your Profile


Fun person- sparkling personality

Great attitude with a professional demeanor

Intelligent, educated, fit, athletic, and attractive

Great interpersonal skills

Enthusiasm is a must

BIG personalities

Desire to break out of the traditional corporate mode and engage in an entrepreneurial opportunity with a growing company


We are looking for only the best and the brightest that can bring an event to life!


Your Background – Preferred Assets


Professional service industry experience

Sales and marketing experience

Modeling and promotional experience

Currently attending college or university, or graduated and still looking for a great growth opportunity and career path

Looking to have some fun and excitement earning great money while you build for the future


Your Opportunities


Event Belles – We are looking for Sophisticated Sizzle!


People will come because of the event; they will stay and talk about the event because of you. We are looking to build our team of Event Belles, special party ambassadors that light up a room and make an event memorable. Along with hosting activities there will also be the opportunity to assist in promotion and sales activities with profit sharing and bonus programs.


Must express maturity and social skills appropriate for our guests and clients


Must be able to communicate effectively with V.I.P clientele


Must be available for a flexible work schedule including weekends!


Part-time contract opportunities.


We are looking for the best and the brightest that can bring an event to live!


Web based profile opportunities also available.


Salary based on experience + bonus + profit sharing plans.


If this sounds like you, please submit your resume, a brief note on why you are perfect and what you can bring to the team along with 2 recent pictures. One head shot and one full body, tasteful and appropriate.


Business Development Belles


We are looking for a few key individuals who desire to break out of the traditional corporate mode and engage in an entrepreneurial opportunity with a growing company.


Analysis, creation and implementation of promotional events including:
Experience in Marketing Coordination efforts,
Maintaining all aspects of full life cycle sales position including calling on prospective clients, maintain existing client relationship and search for qualified candidates,
Increase and develop new business, build strategic alliances, grow existing customer relationships, coordinating marketing efforts, and manage existing accounts,
Create new ways of promoting the company and increasing business,
Client networking and developing relations with client through various techniques including cold calling, networking, and referrals,


You will serve as primary local contact for special event planning between the Belles, clients and specific events. Duties include contacting clients to initiate discussions/meetings about their event; serving as primary contact for permitted events; overseeing all elements of event logistics including day of activities, event set-up/breakdown, audio visual, venue staffing, music, etc.; ensuring adherence to rules and regulations identified in client’s Special Use Permit for the venue; ensuring client adherence to historic and environmental guidelines for use and occupancy; serving as an active participant as an Event Belle, supervising site personnel, janitorial, and set-up crews as needed. Weekend and evening work is required. Initially this is a contract position with the opportunity to grow into a full-time position with benefits, bonuses and profit sharing.


Identify, lead and participate in events that provide visibility for the Barbeque Belles opportunity & brand, natural leadership qualities with strong interpersonal and communication skills are a must.


We are looking for those with excellent organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple task and projects. Certificate in Event Planning, or applicable degree or diploma in marketing or business admin is preferred.


We are looking to cross-train these individuals for management within our company.

Training will be provided in all aspects of:

  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • Self Management
  • Group Management
  • Interviewing / Scouting for Potential
  • Project Managment
  • Organization
  • Client Interaction
  • Developing Marketing Strategies / Promotions / Incentives
  • Business Development


If this sounds like you, please submit your resume, a brief note on why you are perfect and what you can bring to the team along with 2 recent pictures. One must be a head shot and one a full body, tasteful and appropriate.


We are looking for the best and the brightest who can bring an event to live!


If you have an interest in part time contract work or a possible career oriented long term opportunity then email us and please tell us about yourself.


We thank you for your interest in Barbeque Belles. Due to high volumes, we are not able to accept employment related phone inquires, and only selected candidates will be contacted.


Barbeque Belles – Sophisticated Sizzle!


Barbeque Belles respects and celebrates the dignity, value and diversity of every individual.

July 22, 2008

Launching Fall 2008

Barbeque Bells will be launching in Metro Phoenix during the fall of 2008, this means in the next couple of months.

We are very excited about the services our company and the Belles can deliver to your events.

If you are interested in becoming a Belle and working in a fun and dynamic environment with a growing company please contact us at or watch for our job postings on this site and other areas of the world wide web.